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Here are some pictures of the bedroom we are converting for Kiwi and mango. 

148-4821_IMG.JPG (114158 bytes)

First the outlets and switches were removed and covered.

148-4838_IMG.JPG (183915 bytes)

The window was reinforced with plexiglas to make it more difficult for predators to enter.

148-4843_IMG.JPG (178523 bytes)

The window was too large for 1 sheet.

148-4837_IMG.JPG (181671 bytes)

The security screen to replace the room door.

148-4850_IMG.JPG (235439 bytes)

The screen door swings out for added safety.

148-4847_IMG.JPG (349087 bytes)

It's easy to see inside the room without opening the door.

Below are some pictures of the room. Now we need to furnish it. Any ideas?

148-4820_IMG.jpg (370316 bytes)

148-4816_IMG.jpg (328898 bytes)

148-4817_IMG.jpg (284386 bytes)

148-4818_IMG.jpg (403991 bytes)

148-4809_IMG.jpg (13818 bytes)

148-4852_IMG.JPG (130124 bytes)

The fist coat of paint

148-4854_IMG.JPG (219243 bytes)

148-4858_IMG.JPG (190328 bytes)

148-4859_IMG.JPG (175028 bytes)

Sponge paint. 

148-4865_IMG.JPG (157344 bytes)

148-4881_IMG.JPG (266445 bytes)

Trying out the new room.

148-4882_IMG.JPG (256632 bytes)

148-4892_IMG.JPG (196145 bytes)

148-4886_IMG.JPG (190282 bytes)

Echo approves.

148-4895_IMG.JPG (139825 bytes)

148-4901_IMG.JPG (199382 bytes)

149-4908_IMG.JPG (280017 bytes)

The zapper to keep predators away. Added security.

149-4909_IMG.JPG (176032 bytes)

Close up of the wires. Top is hot bottom ground.

149-4914_IMG.JPG (173276 bytes)

The wires run midway and at the bottom.

149-4915_IMG.JPG (207712 bytes)

They hurt to touch. I know. Ouch!

149-4924_IMG.JPG (208837 bytes)

A view from outside looking in.

149-4928_IMG.JPG (301050 bytes)

149-4932_IMG.JPG (202137 bytes)

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